Here's a thread of polls on abortion; everyone of any gender should be able to participate.

Boosts are encouraged and appreciated, to get the polls out and circulating outside of our usual nonbinary bubble.

If you identify as more than one, e.g. nonbinary man, genderfluid cis man/trans woman, vote in as many polls as you feel apply.

Women who were categorised as girls when you were born, which of the following is closest to your stance on abortion?

Men who were categorised as boys when you were born, which of the following is closest to your stance on abortion?

Trans women and women who were categorised as male when you were born, which of the following is closest to your stance on abortion?

Trans men and men who were categorised as female when you were born, which of the following is closest to your stance on abortion?

people, which of the following is closest to your stance on abortion?

Thank you, everyone. :)

If you are up for RTing that'd be a big help - obviously the majority of our followers are nonbinary, so anything anyone can do to get the poll in front of cisgender and transgender men and women is much appreciated.

If there are lots of votes I'll update this thread with some graphs when the polls close.

Thanks again!

At the moment, the least represented group in these polls is trans women:

- Cis women: 144
- Cis men: 93
- Trans women: 70
- Trans men: 76
- Nonbinary people: 227

Someone made a good point, so I'll add this:

If you feel for whatever reason like it's not your place to have an opinion on it (or you just don't have an opinion on it), but there is a poll that represents your gender, please choose "other" so that you are counted in the total for your gender!

I've had a couple of comments that have made me go "hmmmm" so just to clarify:

Pro-choice vs. pro-life is less about what you would personally want for yourself if you got pregnant, and more to do with what you want as a general rule to apply to all people who can get pregnant.

Current participation:

- Nonbinary people: 710
- Cis women: 428
- Cis men: 273
- Trans women: 239
- Trans men: 221

Four days to go, and participation looks like this:

- Nonbinary people: 1,090
- Cis women: 656
- Cis men: 387
- Trans men: 345
- Trans women: 331

Also, the genders at the pro-life end of the scale have rearranged a little as the polls have gotten boosted further out!

There are 17 hours remaining on these polls, and the first poll has almost 300 votes! I'll be making some tidy graphs of the results when they're all closed.

The number of participants in various gender categories so far over Twitter and Mastodon, minus "see results" votes:

- Nonbinary people: 1,159
- Cis women: 689
- Cis men: 405
- Trans women: 372
- Trans men: 357

@gendercensus likely because it really, isn't our place to weigh in on an issue that doesn't directly effect us.

@PerplexativeKhat I'd consider that to come under "unsure/other" - but maybe it's not intuitive, like maybe people aren't assuming that the way I am?

@gendercensus well i mean-- we still have our own thoughts about it. it's just not really our place to weigh in on the topic.
you can have thoughts without choosing to express them

@gendercensus I'd not use "pro life" for anti choice. Full disclosure, I answered "pro choice" for trans woman and for non-binary.

@gendercensus The actual answer would be "it's complicated". I believe in Jewish halacha which is not so pro choice. At the same time I believe that other people may not be compelled to my views, especially in a pluralistic secular state/society (which I am strongly for). So politically I am pro choice of course.

@project1enigma I think if your Jewish preference for yourself isn't something you necessarily want to apply to others, and you want all pregnant people to be able to choose, that puts you firmly in the pro-choice column!

@gendercensus Yes definitely. There are alas too many orthodox Jews who see this separation between our "internal" rules and the secular state less. But in turn, as far as I know most non orthodox Jews are quite strongly pro choice, together with a few orthodox ones like me.

@project1enigma I want people who are anti-choice to take part, and they're more likely to do so if I use the term they use for themselves.

@gendercensus The totality of your followers are also the kind of people who would join Mastodon. I can guarantee that that skews the results.

@kechpaja Absolutely, there's a lot of bias in any Twitter/Mastodon poll, I wouldn't recommend considering them a reliable and scientific resource! :) But it's definitely fun and interesting.

@gendercensus Eek, I accidentally filled this in for nonbinary, which I am not! (Doesn't change my answer though)

@gendercensus If you want to be really precise, subtract one nonbinary pro-choice vote 🙂

@gendercensus I am pro-abortion after 50 years of “pro-choice” not being a strong enough stance.

@gendercensus pro-choice in the respect that I believe women have the right to choose. Too many men think it's their choice, & that's wrong. Not your uterus. Not your decision.

re: abortion 

@allenstenhaus i am aware that you mean to exclude men who can get pregnant from your statement here, so i am just here to remind you that there are men who also have a need to abortion access and they should be allowed to choose it.

re: abortion 

@rabbithearth if I was unclear, yes, I believe whoever is carrying the fetus makes the decision. My response was based on the poll which was a bit more restrictive, as multiple choice tends to be.

re: abortion 

@allenstenhaus none of the poll options mention whether or not the respondent was expected to have a uterus. all of them are phrased in terms of someone's identity and someone's assignment at birth.

your toot was pretty clear, actually, because you specified men, and not getting to have such a decision, which leaves out men who do get to make such a decision in the event that they are the ones who are carrying the fetus.

anyway, i think we're on the same page in general here.

@gendercensus "everyone should participate" : sorry, no.

If you can get pregnant:
-if you want/need to abort, do
-if you don't want to abort, then don't. The fact you CAN doesn't mean you HAVE TO. And let other people decide for THEMselves.

If you can't get pregnant:
- shut up


@ielEstLibreMax Do you feel that due to the nature of the issue I shouldn't even ask for the views of people who can't get pregnant?

@gendercensus there's no "view" to have on someone else's body or choice so...

Abortion is a right (and has to stay)

@gendercensus @ielEstLibreMax I'm sorry it is not a simple as that... I can't get pregnant, but I have been pregnant in the past. Why should my opinion no longer count? Why shouldn't I want a better world for later generations? Moreover, I know that a strike against the bodily autonomy of one group is going to affect more people down the line... and I am probably one of them. So yeah, I think I get a say in this.

@gendercensus @ielEstLibreMax
I can't get pregnant yet, but I still have an opinion on what I would want if I could.

@ielEstLibreMax @gendercensus "human rights are good" is a view

it's valid not to give a shit about the opinions of people who aren't directly affected, but I for one want to know who my allies are, and that means having that view

@ielEstLibreMax @gendercensus yet in many, probably most, countries it sadly isn't a right 😬

Also, the restriction of the bodily autonomy of people who can get pregnant is the patriarchy trying to suppress women, so I think in addition to everyone directly affected, all women should voice their support against it


@gendercensus I think it's a fucking disgrace to call "that" option pro-life, btw.

@j12i I want people who are against abortion to take part, and they're more likely to do so if I use the term they use for themselves.

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