@unascribed I'm pretty annoyed about all this b/c Lenny knows exactly why you don't do this already given that I told him before, as did many others... I'm not best pleased this even existed as an option to begin with.

Hopefully we don't see anything like this again. Idk why we can't have a power user launcher where something unsafe like this doesn't happen, honestly.

Quilt has a shiny new community space: Our very own forum!

Discord won't be going away any time soon, but we now have a forum for those who want it. You can read the blog post at quiltmc.org/blog/2022/05/07/an and visit the forum at forum.quiltmc.org


Quilt Dev Meeting 23/04/2022: I Just Call Him Chris

The first meeting since beta! We discussed Build Tools, Chasm, Loader, Mappings QSL, and a new team, Quilted Fabric API, as well as new contributors being overwhelmed, and how to minimise burnout.


It fascinates me how some people think "you have not caused me to stop talking, therefore I must be right" is a legitimate way to argue, lmao.

There's really only so much energy I can spare for these people.

Thanks to your incredible support, @CurseForge has updated the status of our CurseForge ideas suggestion to add Quilt support to "Planned!"

Thanks so much everyone ❤️

@chaosexanima I at least feel like people here are more... Conscious? Of things like that on mastodon (esp instances like this). As a long-time community manager myself I've seen exactly what you mean, though.

I would still like to see better ways of helping instances with funding, though. It does kinda feel like they're just left to figure that out on their own.

@chaosexanima I'd be concerned about moderation personally - I think lgbt.tech here does a good job, but I could see that going awry on smaller instances, or instances that don't effectively moderate stuff like transphobia. It'd still be interesting to see it done, though, I guess.

@chaosexanima I love what Tumblr Blaze has become lmao, this is what that community needed and it's amazing to see the users go ham with it

@chaosexanima I'm mostly thinking of advertising and recommendation engines - I guess The Algorithm isn't a bad way to put it, haha

I'm fairly new to Mastodon myself so I'm not too sure about social hubs - would be interesting to see if anything comes up. I just found your toot via the local feed.

@chaosexanima Discovery is definitely the big sticking point imo, it seems you have to search for what you want, rather than content being handed to you.

In a sense I do kinda prefer that, though - features like that usually come with a massive cost to privacy in my experience

@bitomag @antiimperialmodding @ims

Yeah, I feel that. Not really sure what it is about the Minecraft community to be honest - we get targeted by all sorts of people just b/c we have strict moderation, but what can you do, I guess

@bitomag @antiimperialmodding @ims

Additionally, does not stand for imperialist or zionist values, and does not work with the organisation they're complaining about - MMD.

@bitomag @antiimperialmodding @ims

This is a user named AsbestosStar - they were banned from Quilt community spaces by me some time ago over their reputation for harassing users, executing cyberattacks against mod-hosting platforms and promoting their website, which at one point contained anti-semitic imagery.

Ya love to see it.

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