My expansive Fabric/Quilt Minecraft content mod just recently got a 1.18.2 port and is available on Curse and Modrinth if you'd like to try it out:


More detail available on the Curse/Modrinth pages. Here's some screenshots from my test world:

Quilt Dev Meeting 07/05/2022: I Am the Perfect Stand-In

We discussed Build Tools, Decompilers, Mappings, QSL, and Quilted Fabric API, as well as Dev Meetings v3, sponsorships, and a brand-new community space. or wherever you get your podcasts.

Quilt has a shiny new community space: Our very own forum!

Discord won't be going away any time soon, but we now have a forum for those who want it. You can read the blog post at and visit the forum at

Quilt Dev Meeting 23/04/2022: I Just Call Him Chris

The first meeting since beta! We discussed Build Tools, Chasm, Loader, Mappings QSL, and a new team, Quilted Fabric API, as well as new contributors being overwhelmed, and how to minimise burnout.

It fascinates me how some people think "you have not caused me to stop talking, therefore I must be right" is a legitimate way to argue, lmao.

There's really only so much energy I can spare for these people.

Thanks to your incredible support, @CurseForge has updated the status of our CurseForge ideas suggestion to add Quilt support to "Planned!"

Thanks so much everyone ❤️

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