homofobia, transfobia, murder, news 

A women, 20yo, was killed by her brother today because she was in a relationship with a trans man, in Italy. I'm so fucking angry I don't even know where to start. Fuck fuck fuck fuck. Nevertheless, I heard this news on the radio, where they misgendered the guy multiple times.

I only found articles in italian, I'm sorry

homofobia, transfobia, murder, news 

He fucking went on them with a car, the were on a motorcycle, she died on the spot, and instead of helping her the guy started hitting and kicking his sister's boyfriend (but he's alive, he's ospedalized). The brother said "I wanted to give her a lession, she was infected".

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homofobia, transfobia, murder, news 

@gaysxe thanks for the article, don't worry google translate works great for that

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