oh you know, just thinking about how all the money wasted on useless bullshit like "cloud gaming" could fund an expanded state education department for like half a century

i would not shed a single tear if every LAPD officer was killed in the streets without justice

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A duck walks into a bar and the bartender says, "Got any grapes?"

The duck says "quack", because it is a duck.

There is no punchline.

A duck walks into a bat and the bat says "ouch"
The duck says "sorry about that, I spelled 'bar' wrong"

hey dude wanna play some black ops? btw is your dad home because yowza

hey babe if you were a cable standards specification you'd be usbae

it's just so infuriating to see people shit on service workers as if the job is even remotely easy


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me: this software isn't that good

fossbros: i see you don't have a high enough iq to understand how to use this software. i will now explain to you what a computer is [1/98]

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introducing BRONOUNS

they're like PRONOUNS

but for MEN

Ah shit its bi visibility day, which means i take a massive sneak debuff until the days out. Gotta remember to put off a few quests til tomorrow

being bisexual means that yo'ure a human AND a bug

boost if you think the girl in this picture *a picture of vermin gregor samsa* is just as pretty as the girl in this picture *a picture of human gregor samsa*

I thought foss just meant like cool. Like it was a internet word for if you liked a program. So Netflix is foss imo.

no image desc 

helpful chart

(there's no caption, sorry i'm on mobile @theimagecaptioner pls help,,,)

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