SOCIALIST REALISM: Before the cosmonaut can take their first step, an army of workers must crunch numbers, fabricate parts, draft blueprints, and test and design rocketry.

CAPITALISM: uuuhh Elon Musk makes the rockets go.

mh, musing 

Is it just me, or does the term "mental illness" not give enough blame to external circumstances?

IMO, a lot of mental 'illness' might better be referred to as mental injury. You wouldn't refer to a fractured wrist as "getting sick", why do we refer to anxiety secondary to inhuman stresses like that?

wikihow to move productive hours from past bed time to early afternoon

Well technically, bear/twink doesn't necessarily imply top/bottom. Marx himself was aware of that. everyone involved appeared to have a word for it

Uni exam 

I just failed my Calculus I exam. For the 7th time. Yes, 7th. I'm at the end of the 2nd year, and this was the first exam. I took Calculus II, and I passed it, but Calc I? Too difficult. Fuck me I will have to study it this summer. AGAIN. FOR THE 8th TIME.

Cancel culture is real and it's when blue mages play bad 3+ mana counterspells in limited without many other instants or ways to use their mana so they end up wasting their mana

How to avoid drama on the fediverse (part 2):

Stop and think before you reply:
- Does this conversation benefit from my input?
- Am I the best person to speak on this topic?
- Do I have a full understanding of what's being said?
- Is that *really* what's being said right now?
- Do I know and/or understand where the OP is coming from?

If you answer "no" to any of these questions, shhhh.

dicks, worst shitpost of 2018 

the floppy dick the hard dick the flash dick the compact dick the removable dick the network dick the boot dick the backup dick the spare dick the redundant array of dicks

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Printing out my own “I didn’t vote” sticker to wear on Election Day.

Programming? Ah, you mean writing "TODO" all over your code and calling it a day

but really an 'italian language' doesn't exist. italy has 30 or so native languages; standard italian is based on the tuscan variety (the language of florentine elites and of dante). sardinian in particular isn't even particularly closely related to tuscan: it constitutes it's own branch of the romance languages. as in france and spain, which have similar situations, minority languages are stigmatised and repressed

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uspol, sa 

the thing is, out of biden, trump, and kanye, one of them isn't a rapist to my knowledge

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