captcha rant 

I honestly want to see every poorly implemented CAPTCHA treated as an ADA violation. I want to see Google get hit with a hefty fine every time someone with limited mobility or impaired motor skills or someone who is neurodivergent is prevented from accessing a web service in a reasonably timely manner. They'd be bankrupt in a day.

captcha rant 

@rantingsteve you should see some of the ones used on Tor. They're extra complex because many of those sites have had spam bot problems.


captcha rant 

@calculsoberic @rantingsteve oh gods if there is one thing I don't miss from my Tor days it's those neverending captcha things

re: captcha rant 

@furkachi @calculsoberic It's been a minute since I've gone onto Tor, but I think they've gotten a little better. Maybe?

I don't remember seeing captcha the last few times I tried to access it.

re: captcha rant 

@rantingsteve it depends on the site. If it's one that gets hit by attackers a lot, I believe that's why they implement the more annoying captchas. I used to write for Deepdotweb and one of my assignments was to write about the sites with the annoying captchas! 😆 @furkachi

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