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Transition Timeline, Selfies (ec) 

What up, today's my birthday!! :blobcataww:
Today (roughly) marks my first full year on HRT and 1.5 years since I began coming out.

I used to hate photos of myself, but over the last year and a half I've been keeping an album of selfies that looked good at the time. Turns out that makes a pretty good transition timeline!

It's also nice to see how far I've come, and the incremental progress I was so proud of. I've changed a lot and I'm very happy about it!

Morning fedi friends, today I hope you'll be able to close off something that has been taking up a lot of mental space 💖

Even the remotest possibility of someone becoming a trillionaire is offensive, and should disgust every last one of us. Particularly in a world where over half a billion people live in extreme poverty and survive on less than $1.90 a day.

I not have the Samsung Galaxy a20! This is my first wide angel lens phone. I have feelings!

What game series would you be most gutted about if you saw an ad that was like, "_________ is back!!!! As a MOBILE GAME"

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