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I wanted to become common knowledge that it was indigenous Brown Islanders that first established the concept of credit, in recorded history.

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App promo - for my sake 

us pol, taxes, sexism, assault 

I just found out about this event called and you need to know about it, too!

Okay but when I handle two or three of my devices at the same time and I'm listening to techno, I feel like a rad-ass DJ. :ms_bomb:

I just found out that employers now have a video service that they can use to have interviews. They can decide to hire you on the spot based on your response, which means you don't get the opportunity to ask them questions before you get hired. :ms_eye_speech_bubble:

Since is trending again, here's another reminder that they own Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp too, plus plenty of other stuff.

Also I'm crossposting to Twitter, which is just as bad in some of the same ways.

Get a webcam cover AND STOP PUTTING A BAND-AID OVER YOUR WEBCAM LIKE YOUR DEVICE HAS A DISEASE! :ms_anger_symbol: :ms_angry: :ms_angry_steam:

how to attract dads:
step 1. build a hotel
step 2. name it "hotel california"
step 3. watch as dads from across the world pile into ur hotel to call it a lovely place and compliment ur face

I wanted to become common knowledge that it was indigenous Brown Islanders that first established the concept of credit, in recorded history.

PayPal finally got in app QR scanner. There's no Emoji or GIF big enough to describe my irell capacity at this.

App promo - for my sake 

Investigation Leads to Massive App Suspension Initiative, reportd CPO Magazine.

"Facebook announced an app suspension of 'ten of thousands' of apps as part of its privacy investigation. The initiative extends to any app that refuses to answer Facebook how user data is utilized, shared and monetized."

I'm about to open up a free tour and photo op service in my area! About to start working on the website. Wanna come hang out? :ms_airplane_departure:

I'm happy to offer this service right now to anyone that wants it. Sign up for the reasonable price of $0 and I'll send you a positive Toot/Tweet/Telegram message each day or check in to see how you're doing.

you: catgirl
me, an intellectual: sheline

For those of you that don't know, though I'm sure most of you already do; if the gets pissed off that you ask about during the , you don't want that job. If you know that you didn't get the because of that, you dodged a fucking bullet.

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