Either I don't understand how the fediverse works, or the network is largely comprised of trans folks and programmers

@frozenframe and furries and anarchists and frequently several of these at the same time

@prehensile I'm not a furry, but I AM a leftist (plus a trans programmer) so that works well for me

@prehensile @frozenframe The Venn diagram between furries and programmers isn't QUITE a circle, but it's certainly a healthy gibbous. XD

@frozenframe yeah sounds like you're in the right corner of it :heart_trans:

@frozenframe you understand perfectly how the fediverse works

@frozenframe "corporate needs you to find the difference between these two images"

@frozenframe I don't understand how the fediverse works, but I'm pretty sure the network *is* largely comprised of trans folks and programmers :)


@frozenframe This makes me a relatively unusual participant, as a cis-admin :)

@frozenframe not furry, not a programmer, but trans and in a technical field! And hella leftist.

@frozenframe this is fairly accurate, although there is the occasional hobby sysadmin and medical professional sprinkled in for variety. :D

@frozenframe depends 100% on which instances you federate with but yes that is a very large demographic here

@frozenframe and communists, nazis and pedofiles... You know, the classic old school Internet combo.

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