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man i can't believe they made rhythmbox a real thing

it’s called “blockchain” because you’ll get blocked by half of twitter for shilling it

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ICANN fee ? Bitch ICANNT afford this shit as it is

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it’s fun to casually drop the most blatantly obvious hints that i’m trans to cis people in conversation and they just have no idea

evie be like “i wish i had more interactions with my mutuals and people i follow” then just never replies to their posts ever

trying to speak in the morning before i’ve had a glass of water challenge (impossible)

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improving any dish with just a dash of transgender

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the neurotypical urge to act like i'm following what someone says and never ask them to repeat anything even though i have absolutely no idea what's going on

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atm the repo is down because the original dev left the (admittedly kinda toxic) jailbreak community, but there are still deb packages available on their github

it’s loosely inspired by a similar mac app, unfortunately not foss though

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just found out about batterybuddy, this is so adorable

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*slaps temporal lobe* this bad boy can fit so many anxiety disorders in it

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ugh i hate crypto

stop encrypting stuff, use french instead

redrafted a post like 7 times only to realize that two line breaks in Mastodon for iOS apparently translates to one on the web UI (and vice versa)

one break just ignores it and smashes everything into one paragraph (like markdown?)

this happens in the bio field as well, so not sure if that’s intentionally different or just a bug

stop doing ntsc

- frames were never meant to be fractional

- years of research yet no real world use found for having 525 scan lines

- wanted to divide up your video signal anyways for a laugh? we had a tool for that: interlacing

“Yes please give me a field refresh frequency of 60/1.001hz.” “Please give me 29.97 frames per second” statements dreamed up by the utterly Deranged

they have played us for absolute fools

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Mastodon 2.6 will introduce a new privacy setting, better suited for your most important toots.

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