buses are just slow ground planes

i need that command from csgo surf servers that hides other players but in real life


i don’t think i have adhd but i probably have at least ad480p

saw an ad for a military film starring chris pratt and my first thought was "hey, that's the guy in the mario movie"

i love how there’s an entire genre of stand up that’s just people’s terrible experiences in airports and tsa lines

flashbacks to 11-year-old me asking my dad where lesbia was

mh, birds 

seeing a female cardinal on my walk and thinking “god, i wanna be her”

what does this mean???

uncaptioned image 

i have actually been making small changes on and off in my (almost nonexistent) free time but still haven't gotten around to pushing them, even though they've been sitting on my ssd for a while now

mostly just:
- pretendo jpeg
- more assets for games
- fixing a weird parsing issue because i'm stupid
- make the code actually readable by human beings
- probably some other stuff too, don't remember lol

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love the occasional reminder that i haven't touched this code in over a year

@charlottesweb iirc it was disabled in the code due to some performance issues and bugs, but looks like it’s getting re-enabled in ff 102

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if God doesn’t want me to be gay, why did he make everyone so darn cute

there should be a button on discord that instantly gives you the source of someone’s anime pfp

apologies in advance to the instance admins who have to watch me redraft my toot 6 times before actually posting it

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