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I guess I'll be posting an now x3

Heyy~ I'm Europa. I am a 19 (almost 20) year old trans girl who is, above all else, a huge nerd. I'm new here and I look forward to making friends! <3

I like to write, take pictures (primarily on film), make music, tinker with old computers, study maps, and more!

I have way too many projects in the works rn, but one that I'm especially excited about that I wanna mention are a manuscript I'm trying to get published.

Just upgraded my Power Mac G4’s GPU from an ATI Rage 128 Pro to an ATI Radeon 7500. I’m loving it!

Hey y'all show me your laptop stickers! I'm thinking of buying some and I'm looking for inspiration :blobcat:

Boosts welcome!

Yes, I’ll keep posting pictures of my Ultra 5 until I’ve fully processed the disbelief that I actually have one. 12 year old me would be in awe xD

Hoping to install some stuff like Tribblix and Net/OpenBSD in addition to Solaris 7 and 8 :3

Hey, front-end web developers: if you absolutely must put a pop-up modal on your website, make sure that the user can close it with the Escape key.

Let the Esc key perform the function it was literally designed to serve: "get me out of the current thing". Only allowing the user to use the mouse to close your modal is an accessibility failure; allowing some other key to close it but not Esc is a standard-interface failure.

🌈 ⭐

Wow it’s been a hot minute since I’ve been on here xD

Just got a text from my mom saying a package I have been waiting for arrived in the mail! I can’t wait to get home. Will send pics of what it is :3

(idk why that sounds so mysterious, I finally got my hands on a Sun workstation and it’s here!)

So Fedora 36 is out. I want to upgrade but my internet really isn't happy today and I don't want to risk a partial download and that causing issues somehow.

I just found this really cool synthetic banjo sound that I'm in love with

Does anyone else suddenly and randomly remember how beautiful minicomputers and mainframes are?

People with partners (romantic or otherwise):

Support your partner's passions, so long as they aren't harmful.

Even if it's something you think is "cringey", because what you might find silly, childish, or pointless, might be saving their mental health.

Can only play one session of Solitaire at a time on your puny computer?

There's an easy fix, use a NeXTstation and emulate a Windows PC and a Mac at the same time. #ThrowbackThursday #retrocomputing

Happy THIRTIETH birthday to the shareware version of id Software's legendary first person shooter Wolfenstein 3D! 🎂🎉🎈🍾🥂

Polycule Lifehack 

If you are single, break up with some random person. You now have -1 partner. This is of course impossible, therefore automatically jumping to the highest possible integer giving you 2147483647 partners. You can thank me later


Does anyone else ever find it so appealing to record some mixtapes onto whatever blank cassettes they have and then leave behind digital music almost entirely?

If I had more faith that I could find a reasonably-priced and operational personal stereo or boombox, I might do just that.

Just saying hello here in the Mastadon world, nice to meet you all! 😊💚

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