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the things i actually cared about in this upgrade were:

- i would like to be able to run firefox, despite its *severely* increasing bloat
- i need to be able to use NFC yubikeys

and it passes on both counts. other than that, iunno, the button-less navigation is fine and stuff

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obligatory wallpaper dump, now that i'm all set up on ios 16 and have seen the light of lock screen customization, thank you apple, i didn't think we'd get it in my lifetime

art sources are (edited to extend upwards slightly) and

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finally upgraded from my iphone se 2016 to a refurb 12 mini, and i gotta say, i hate it a lot less than i thought i would

new banner is definitely worse than my old one in terms of theme but also it's hilarious so we're rolling with it

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Sorry for not replying to your email. I did, however, flag it in my mail client five days ago.

local cafe has a sign in the window that says "Drink Coffee! Do Stupid Things Faster with More Energy"

think i might have to start drinking coffee

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I'm working on a discord bot and a web app for it so that you can set up the bot to ping you with little reminders when you want it to.

I'm wondering if I'm being lazy here.

In your opinion...

A: Web app and Bot should be completely equal in functionality, users shouldn't need to go to the web app

B: The bot should have basic features, such as "remind me in 20 minutes" but advanced things like "every sunday, monday and friday, text me this" should send the user to the web app.

i want to take like a three month break from work and school. though, at this point, i honestly can't tell if it would help me recharge and perform better when i got back, or if i would just lose all my remaining soft skills and become unemployable

lewd discord convo 

presented without context

the only issue so far is that a not-quite-horizontal line at the very bottom of my wallpaper was previously covered by the taskbar, but is now exposed and driving me crazy

i'm so used to launching stuff with win+<type>+enter that i'm not even looking at the start menu anymore

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how have i used an ultrawide for two years and never thought to do this. what is wrong with me and what is wrong with microsoft

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finally getting myself to having the taskbar on the left side of my screen, knowing this is unsupported in windows 11 and i'll just have to unlearn it at some point when win10 dies

every once in a while i look at discord messages i sent in high school and i just can't help but wonder how that's managed to be the most social period of my life so far


god breakfast sandwiches are so good. i wish eating food before 1pm were real

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@eritbh Teams should always have one of the responses be “fuck off”, so you can send it to someone and then blame misclick.

friends: "you need to learn how to say no to things more"

microsoft teams: "it looks like someone asked you a question! did you know that i can suggest responses? here are three different ways you can say yes"

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i came up with a new cursed project idea which involves intentional use of yaml aliases. send help

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either these diagnostic criteria need to stop being so relatable or i need to see a psychiatrist

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