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the USDS is probably the only public sector organization i would ever consider working for. they do pretty neat stuff

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related: is the most based government service to exist. they don't block me when I'm on a VPN *and* they let me register multiple security keys ***and*** they don't require a TOTP auth app backup

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i wish all websites which require me to type my social security number but refuse to allow me to transmit it securely over my weird apartment internet a very die

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i wish all government websites which block traffic from commercial VPN IP ranges a very stop

i am going to go to court and do court things and then i am going to eat a sandwich and nobody can stop me

based on feedback it sounds like i'm compromising to just curl up next to someone and rest my head in their lap

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is umbreon small enough to comfortably curl up in someone's lap

posting pictures of random people on the regular and one day you past a picture of yourself and everyone is conditioned not to think it's you

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now with 78% less brown

(the PSU fan is also noctua, they don't sell black 40mms 😔)

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life hack: posting selfies/personal info isn't an opsec fail if you caption it "opsec fail"

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./configure be like
checking if the universe exists... yes
checking if running in a simulation... yes
checking if the person reading this is a cutie... yes


ENEEDHUG should be handled via the `hug` system call; see hug(2). Leaving an ENEEDHUG unhandled introduces undefined behavior, and many systems will refuse to perform other operations until the error is handled.

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the feminine urge to develop a special interest in local public transit

i am once again ordering delivery to force myself out of bed

sometimes you wake up and you just gotta return an ENEEDHUG. in my experience not many callers actually handle this sort of error, but really that's on them

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all the different types of being tired (physical/mental/social/emotional exhaustion, too much/little sleep, etc) are like error codes for people

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