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these two pics have been added to my site!

also, fun fact: electric scooters are pretty dang good for getting camera stuff around town

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was really excited for this hardware project until i realized i'm probably going to have to design a mains to 3v3 supply into it in order to make anything work

soft pillow and blankets just hit different sometimes

do you think umbreon's cry can be considered a meow

friendly reminder to hydrate! (this is mostly for myself)

a test plan at work is telling me to download a word document and copy paste its contents into a SQL query on my local dev database and I just...

so i sort of accidentally spent all night doing a new vs code theme from scratch. still need to tweak the colors a bit, but i think it's going in a good direction for me so far - bright, pastel-ish colors on a slightly warmer background than the theme I was previously using

it happened again! about to order one on amazon from my phone >.>

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Having a keyboard with programmable macros has taken a lot of getting used to, but now that I'm used to the controls it's been invaluable for making stuff faster at work. Typing a test username/password a lot? Hit two buttons and bind it to a single keystroke in like 5 seconds

in hindsight, walking to the dmv in 81F heat wearing jeans was probably also incompatible with this goal

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i have determined that looking at the news is incompatible with this goal

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trying to focus on being kind to myself today

there's a very specific feeling i get after taking a nap i shouldn't have taken, where like my entire body feels too warm and heavy and i can't get comfortable anymore, and i'm definitely feeling that right now

apartment power browned out and shut down my pc again, might finally be time to get a UPS

obsidian update: now i'm a shill, got sync so i can put it on my phone and record thoughts from bed

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absolutely 100% not at all prepared for work tomorrow but at least i'm incredibly cute

(this will be the only confidentposting i ever do)

my hottest frontend take is that if you ever put anything on npm, you're required under pain of death to run jsdoc on every version you publish and actually link to them from your README

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like i'm aware that frontend devs reinventing the wheel constantly is already a meme. but holy shit. sometimes it's impossible to touch working code because documentation for its libraries straight up do not exist anymore, not even migration guides

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