a day in the life of erin
17:00: finish work
18:00: watch youtube
19:00: take surprise four hour nap
23:00: lie in bed thinking about past events and what it means to be emotionally connected to someone
24:00: open new fusion 360 project

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May you have the courage to break the patterns in your life that are no longer serving you

there is no reason for credit bureaus to be giving my info to marketers! and on top of that you put artificial limit on how you accept opt out requests! why is every financial system garbage! i don't consent to shit just by having an SSN!

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here's a new one: i get a credit card promotion in the mail. back of the letter says to opt-out by going to a website... but in order to opt out permanently you have to *mail them a letter.* online opt outs are only good for 5 years. why

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i think it's important to remember that pride is a threat and when people feel threatened that means it's working

@jay39 i'm slowly trying to get myself over to linux but it turns out formatting a brain is a lot more involved than a hard drive

sometimes the update goes through fine after a few minutes! other times it fails and bricks your partition map on the way out and your entire day is ruined dealing with that shit and you get nothing else done. this is depression

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depression randomly deciding i don't get to do any work today is actually just windows update deciding to reboot me without asking. that's going to be my excuse next time i have to skip work due to my mental health being crappy

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it's not a depression nap, i just needed a power cycle and you gotta make sure all the big capacitors have a chance to drain fully

@1ynx that's exactly what i wish i had... unfortunately, current life circumstances mean that it's more difficult getting someone to lay on top of me than it used to be

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last time I had networking issues I at least got to learn some fun stuff about router configuration, but this time it was just "lol something uninstalled nginx and thrashed your iptables config" and i feel insulted

Increasingly feeling like instead of getting Codelia I should've gone with Comic Code. Codelia is great, I like it a lot on my laptop, but on my desktop text is just too small for its quirks to come through. Time to spend more money I guess

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