i designed v3 of this board 3 months ago and literally had all the parts and just never got the time to assemble it. Went together easily enough and worked first try!

upon reflection, i can understand why my roommate assumes I'm making bombs

in non-server news, messed around a little bit with aseprite today

always a good sign when your server's CPU usage reporting has just completely dropped out for 2 minutes straight

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new video call background just dropped, just in time for 2 days of back to back onboarding meetings

finally got around to cleaning up all the clutter around my pc and workbench , honestly pretty proud of how I've managed to fit all my crap in this tiny room. i'll drop some more details in the replies.

gmail doesn't appear to know whether or not i've turned on 2FA for my gmail account...?


un-lazied myself and did some meal prep featuring actually preparing tofu for once! did a nice garlic marinade, added peanuts while frying, i'm super happy with how it turned out! makes me feel more equipped to actually cook things in the future

also my favorite pastime is going absolute batshit crazy with CSS property fallbacks for old browsers because why the fuck not

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