making a change to my website is spending 15 minutes tweaking javascript, then realizing jekyll isn't on my machine, then wasting an hour remembering all the steps to get ruby installed and rbenv shims working

anyway it's two hours later and now you can reset back to your system's default theme on my site

@kouhai mm, that does look nice. i've always begrudgingly stuck with jekyll just because github pages gives me fast builds without having to set anything up, but maybe i'll try something else at some point

@eritbh @kouhai is this where i shill for nextjs (jokes aside, i only recommend it if you already really like react)

@eritbh @ashe I cannot in good conscience recommend NextJS as a SSG tbh; it's too JS, and has too many moving parts.

what I want from a SSG is stability – something that'll work with minimal maintenance overhead (unless I'm doing something like @cadey's setup, which I might do eventually)

@kouhai ah, i still need to read their post about that, it looked really interesting

@kouhai @eritbh if you're *already* doing react and want something similar, it's good for that (although yeah it has a lot of moving parts) but yeah no for general use it's not particularly easy to pick up

@kouhai @ashe ~~wait i thought you were supposed to be convincing me _not_ to use it~~

@eritbh @ashe >.> well, do you really want to use rails for a blog?

@cadey @kouhai @eritbh oh i did, for several years - it's good, but didn't fit my needs at the time

@cadey @kouhai @eritbh okay i love this - particularly the bit about needing to do things hands-on to learn, that's a huge part of why i'm using nextjs for most of my sites now (used it at two different jobs in two different ways), but this makes me want to move back to something a bit more custom . . . the urge to do a custom rewrite is coming back strong

@eritbh @kouhai (check for an example of the pretty things you do with it)

@eritbh the ultimate conclusion for me always seems to be "rewrite it from scratch ... (again)"

@ashe very happy to have finally settled on a design that i like enough to prevent me from doing that, lol

@eritbh ha - i rebuilt the same design in three different site generators, nothing can stop the inevitable rewrite

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