finally upgraded from my iphone se 2016 to a refurb 12 mini, and i gotta say, i hate it a lot less than i thought i would

obligatory wallpaper dump, now that i'm all set up on ios 16 and have seen the light of lock screen customization, thank you apple, i didn't think we'd get it in my lifetime

art sources are (edited to extend upwards slightly) and

the things i actually cared about in this upgrade were:

- i would like to be able to run firefox, despite its *severely* increasing bloat
- i need to be able to use NFC yubikeys

and it passes on both counts. other than that, iunno, the button-less navigation is fine and stuff


okay the extra little haptic feedback when you tap buttons and trigger certain swipe gestures is actually super nice. there's a couple apps i use that have small buttons which don't give visual cues immediately; now i know if i tapped the right place faster

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