Stop Doing Social Media

• Thoughts Were Not Supposed To Be Given Likes
• Years Of Posting yet No Real World Use for sharing further than your Friends
• Want to share something widely anyway, for a laugh? We had a tool for that: it was called Chain Emails


ironic that the post about social media numbers being bad has the biggest social media numbers i've had on this site

@eritbh Look at what Influencers have been Demanding your Respect for all this time, with all the social media and internet WE built for them
(This is REAL Social Media, done by REAL Influencers):

• posting private information for likes
• clickbait
• undisclosed advertising

"Hello I would like 500 likes please"

They have played us for absolute Fools

@starshines @eritbh don't forget the "unpopular opiniom but *popular opinion*"

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