so i sort of accidentally spent all night doing a new vs code theme from scratch. still need to tweak the colors a bit, but i think it's going in a good direction for me so far - bright, pastel-ish colors on a slightly warmer background than the theme I was previously using


theme progress! still lots of tweaking to do to make all the colors work together with each other, and also to perfect the punctuation classes and test against other languages, but I think the concept is mostly there at this point

i very much do not like the way vs code highlights properties/methods/functions in JS/TS, but i will probably not end up doing anything fancy with them to begin with because i don't know enough about textmate scopes and it seems like maybe not all the information I would want is actually surfaced. but I'll figure something out

she's done it

* one erin was harmed in the making of this theme. (while uploading, microsoft deadnamed me via an azure dev account i didn't even know i had!) it was worth it though

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