what did i do today? if you guess actual work, WRONG! I actually prioritized a backlog for one of my side projects because i hate myself

@eritbh Prioritising the backlog is totally work! It makes sure you're working on the right stuff :)

@wattlebird oh yeah for sure! it feels really good to actually have an overview of what things need attention sooner than later. by "actual work" i mostly meant "the job that pays my bills" :V

@eritbh honestly I usually don't get around to making a backlog for my personal projects, so I probably need to try this

@ashe the only reason I even bothered is because this is a project with multiple contributors and it's actually relied on by other people, so I always have more of an urge to Do It Right with this than my others. most of my truly personal stuff i hardly even do issues for lmao

@eritbh clearly you are a responsible umbreon

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