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guess I might as well do an

Hihi, I'm Erin, I mostly do web dev stuff but recently I've been branching out into other languages and also electronics prototyping. At some point when I have free time again I'll try to post about some of the interesting stuff I work on.

i'm also a perpetually sleepy trans girl and if you scratch my head i will love you forever and uhh that's pretty much my entire personality

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yesterday i discovered that aldi sells "pancakes and sausage on a stick" - effectively breakfast corn dogs - and my life is forever changed

the data cube is in the time-out pen. it's been a very bad data cube this morning

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"which hole does the data cube go in? that's right! the circle hole"

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update: this was definitely a mistake. what other debian-based distro on the planet doesn't let you `apt upgrade`

anyway it turns out the thing i was mad at debian for was actually a bug in kde that hasn't been resolved even on latest. i'm sorry i ever doubted you debian i'm coming home

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debian is good but i want kde plasma to not be so behind

neon here i come

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i have received official permission from the gf to distro hop

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locking cis people's address field on every website to the one they lived under as a baby

confession: i'm honestly kinda tempted to order an ltt backpack. my current pack is very small and i've been meaning to get a bigger one for weekend trips, etc for a while. but i have no idea how it compares in price and features to other high-price bags

i've made regular expressions look like candy and i'm very proud of this

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why do i still put any stock in discord status indicators

also i dont actually know rust and i basically just pulled these examples from their docs, does this highlighting for attributes look sane or

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need code theme opinions. is the pink i'm using for string interpolation brackets too bright? the alternative is probably using the same green as the rest of the string, but slightly more transparent so the background darkens it

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