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last time I had networking issues I at least got to learn some fun stuff about router configuration, but this time it was just "lol something uninstalled nginx and thrashed your iptables config" and i feel insulted

Increasingly feeling like instead of getting Codelia I should've gone with Comic Code. Codelia is great, I like it a lot on my laptop, but on my desktop text is just too small for its quirks to come through. Time to spend more money I guess

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about 35% of starting ffxiv characters are female, but by endgame it jumps to about 60%

also the most popular is hyur male but at endgame it's female miqote/aura

i'm not gonna say ffxiv turns you into a trans girl, but i am going to put this graph here and walk away

getting approval to `git filter-branch` my deadname away in a project wiki let's go

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tech companies at hackathons needs to diversify the swag they give out. if you want the best talent to remember your name don't give us cheap nylon bags and t-shirts. the inclusion of cat ears and thigh high socks will help you find some of the best programmers around. trust me.


this thought occurred to me immediately before the employee who made my food insisted on making small talk and wouldn't stop calling me "man," so,

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went to get some food and it's chilly enough out that i wore a hoodie again and it didn't actually feel particularly comfy or anything anymore

coincidentally, i got some new fitted shirts about two weeks ago. completely unrelated i'm sure

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just realized that at some point recently, i entered the stage of my transition where I don't actually like boymode clothes anymore

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RT @ice_foxx
Tip: Don't use the marker tool on your phone to redact information from a photo or screenshot.

gf who makes you a lunch in a brown paper bag and closes it with kapton tape

whether you thought it was a poll about favorite colors or inflating each other's egos, congratulations to the like two people who voted blue! that was the correct answer, objectively, no matter how you look at it

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years of community building yet no real world use found for a memes channel

wanted to create a collaborative knowledge database anyway, for a laugh? we had something for that it was called a WIKI

these are REAL discords created by REAL developers

they have played us for absolute fools

if anyone's interested, you can find the KiCad files for this version of the board and some broken Arduino software on my Github:

> last commit: 6 months ago
...hmm, okay, so it's been longer than I thought

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it's a wireless RGB strip/neopixel controller powered by an ESP-01, and I still have a bunch of work to do on the software in addition to giving that voltage regulator a heat sink and figuring out a lower profile mount for the microcontroller. Ideally I think I would just solder the module straight to the board and include the programmer directly on the board hooked up to the USB C port, but that might be a bit ambitious... we'll see what I end up doing with it

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i designed v3 of this board 3 months ago and literally had all the parts and just never got the time to assemble it. Went together easily enough and worked first try!

upon reflection, i can understand why my roommate assumes I'm making bombs

in non-server news, messed around a little bit with aseprite today

i broke redis and i don't know how, but it exits immediately and logs nothing to its log file or to journalctl and i'm using this as an excuse to be done with servers for today

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