Kink, programming, idea 

Idea: an incentive workstation. You get strapped in for a working session (maybe 50 minutes a go?). Whenever you do something positive something pleasant happens... A vibrator turns on or gets just a bit more intense. All your tests are green? Positive reinforcement... Break the build? Electric shocks... Triggers can be customized to the job or the tasks.

re: Kink, programming, idea 

@enby I feel like I wouldn't be able to focus on work after a little positive reinforcement from that thing.

re: Kink, programming, idea 

@1ynx that's the genius of it. :)

When you stop working out slow down your incentives go away and maybe you even get deincentivized.

And with time data could be collected and analyzed to keep you working at your full (and sustainable and healthy) potential .

re: Kink, programming, idea 

@enby So that bench would just be edging me the whole time? I think I'd rather work with a sober mind and then get the rewards/punishments after the session(s) ends. But it's just me, ig.

re: Kink, programming, idea 

@1ynx exactly! The point isn't the satisfaction of the... Subject... But the game itself. ~eg~

re: Kink, programming, idea 

@enby I guess I focused on the “work” part too much.

Kink, programming, idea 

@enby all fun and games until you just spend all the time fighting the borrow checker

Kink, programming, idea 

@enby But what if someone likes the electric shocks? 😅

Kink, programming, idea 

@KopfKrieg surely we can adjust which responses are encouraging and which are not. :). After gathering ongoing data about a subject we can probably even determine that algorithmically and adjust as needed.

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