@RachaelAva1024 I mean, to be fair, having a poorly behaved array primitive type is a pretty complex problem, and Rust's solution is about as elegant as you can get without just going "here's a &char[] wrapper, here's a Vec<char> wrapper".

question re: personal safety 


Is being alone at night really as dangerous as people say?

Because all the sources I can find take an extremely dramatic hardline stance, and none of them seem to have any data whatsoever, which is setting off my BS detector.

Me (Claire, probably): Allons-y!

My headmate Zoey: you do realize the tenth doctor went completely insane, right?

Me: and we haven't?

Zoey: fair.

TFW you're playing a Paradox game and it segfaults.

(Ok, Surviving Mars isn't REALLY a Paradox game, but whatever.)

Religious people saying grace: thank god, amen

Me saying grace: thank the innumerable ordinary people over thousands of years whose collective ingenuity and labor brought this food to our table, workers of the world unite.


Today in EDS comorbidity whack-a-mole:

Yesterday I did an unusual amount of moving, and today my whole body is screaming at me, courtesy of what I'm guessing is a smidge of fibromyalgia.

Even my goddamn skin is pissed off.

What I'm saying is,

if anyone has a CRISPR laboratory, I'm interested.

Me: *sees random animal picture* Aww, murderfangs!


TFW your mitochondria could really use some food to go with their oxygen,

but your stomach's not interested in doing anything quickly.

I don't remember asking for this game of EDS/comorbidity whack-a-mole,

and I'm quite literally sick and tired of it.


Today in "Emmy fails to relate to normal people":

Technician at primary care office: "Are you in pain?"

Me, a person to whom pain is about as mundane as light: "umm what do you mean?"

ph~, science + 

TFW you run into a scientific study that explains some things:


mh-, indirectly ph-related 

Like, when I got a 4 on AP bio, the reaction wasn't "congrats", it was "woulda been a 5 if you could put in the effort to write clearly".

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mh-, indirectly ph-related 

So there's a trend on r/ehlersdanlos where people show their pencil grips,

and it's reminding me of how, instead of investigating my issues, instead of any adaptive techniques or equipment even remotely relevant to the actual problem, my parents just called me lazy for my struggles,

and now I'm 21 and literally don't know how to write in a way that's mechanically feasible for more than a few sentences.


Ok, so...

not only is my circulatory system still acting up,

but I seem to be subluxing more often than usual.

This week is gonna be a fun one isn't it?

ph frustration 

Can a chronic illness be petty?

Because the POTS flare is finally lightening up,

so of course my hip had to go and sublux, just to remind me that I am in fact still falling apart.

science reporters being ableist and out-of-touch 

Media: hey look, this observational study says acetaminophen makes your kids neurodivergent.


1. are you sure there might not be a third factor? Like, for instance, this heritable connective tissue disorder that sure seems to be associated with neurodivergence? Or are you still pretending that EDS doesn't exist?

2. Is preventing neurodivergence really worth torturing pregnant people?


Pro tip:

DO NOT oversleep during a POTS flare while horrifically deconditioned. You WILL end up spending the rest of the day in bed.

Speaking from personal experience.

trans-adjacent legal hypothetical 

Could a person or institution be found in contempt for refusing to honor a name change?

And if so, how hard would it be to make that actually happen?

Me, repeatedly, watching basically anything with basically any women:

does she have to be so pretty tho?

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