Anyone else HATE self-driving road cars?

Like, they're struggling to figure out road condition signalling, lane keeping, automated clearance - all problems trains have had solved for decades if not centuries.

@emmy I can't hate them, but the reason for it is round-about. Self driving cars will be a suboptimal technology until they become the major drivers.

They also are in immature technology.

If you see them as a rural alternative to trains and buses, they could form a second level to a person-transportation network in a long term future.

Basically, I hate the hype, the current immaturity, but I love the prospects and the technology involved

@emmy they're also vastly less efficient, space-wise…so far, all the drawbacks of cars

@nev @emmy On the other paw, for all self-driving's current limitations - they'll always be this good/bad. Humans get much worse, through inattention, tiredness, or intoxication.

I'm more positive about the /prospects/ for self-driving cars than human-driven; but the problems of so much wasted space c/o any kind of car remain. I've looked the proposals to set up separate, elevated roadways (often but not always with tracks, at least one version suggested very light cars running on bicycle/motorcycle wheels), on which you don't have scheduled routes but cars that carry 4-6 people from wherever they are to their requested destination. it's supposed to blend the advantages of elevated light rail with some of the advantages of personal cars by allowing you to go directly to your requested stop from any other stop. it puts the vehicles on a system with far less complexity for automated driving systems to deal with. One lane with occasional sidings (and all stops on sidings).

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