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Working on a video about Xenia, Linux's trans mascot, can't wait to get this uploaded :D

like actually honest to god gay married? i still don't think i've fully internalized it

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holy shit I'm getting married in a WEEK

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Reading the ms in ms_robot as Ms. instead of Mutant Standard

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i'm sorry i can't help myself, here's strumpan with her mom and siblings

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ok last LAST one i promise, here's a bonus of her sister when she was a kitten too

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it also didn't take long before she got along well with her sister, now she follows her around and annoys her *constantly*

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her name is Strumpan, it means "the sock" in swedish and it's because she has four adorable little socks

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cat showing teeth 

and also sometimes biting plants

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and since then she just kinda kept sleeping and being ridiculously cute

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