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Sorry if you follow request me and land in “I’ll get to it later” purgatory, I catch up on them in a few days usually

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All programmers are either trans or trans and in denial

I'm going away for a month and I need to get some books in advance, anyone have book suggestions? (anything is good but I would really appreciate a few not-horrible trans related books)

the ass jay dubbleyoos are taking away muh freeze peach


am i the only dumb asshole who likes music that's rough around the edges? like super polished sonically perfect music is nice but so is a small band recording in a garage

There needs to be a “thank you so much this post literally made my day/saved my life” emoji

I got a really cute pride water bottle but I’m terrified it’ll cause issues for me so I can never use it :(

I don’t have an issue with my last name I just think itd be sexy of me to change it

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a: i'm going to add a //todo comment

b: so you're going to fix it later?


b: so you're going to fix it later?

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Hacking my own instance to add a third button to the suite:
> Boost
> Fave
> I Shouldnt Reply Because This Is Wildly Out Of My Lane And Its Too Heavy For A Fave But Damn That Sucks Feel For You Bud

Sorry for disappearing for like three weeks and only posting occasionally and not really interacting - I’ve been super busy and will continue to be for a bit longer

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If Canadians are any less credulous about vaccine conspiracies it's because our telcos are such crap that there's no way we're getting anything 5G for free.

How many times does Xcode need to quit unexpectedly for it to no longer be unexpected

you know what would be super cool and great is if i could open one (1) internet connected app without transphobia being shoved down my throat (looking at you, The Guardian)

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I made a little survey and I would love it if the trans and non-binary people on the fedi could fill it out! :boost_requested:

All the data will be published in a week or so once I can go through it!

(It's a google form because the previous version got messed up on the backend and I lost all the data :sadcat: )

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tired: learning a few languages well
inspired: learning enough to write fizzbuzz in 10 languages

under every r/3dprinting post (i am guilty of this)

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