Here’s a free tech tip for ya: don’t use handwritten or display fonts for body text or the font demon will steal your teeth :)

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Here’s a free tech tip for ya (iPhone only): set the brightness lower than the minimum setting by going to Settings->Accessibility->Accessibility Shortcut and selecting reduce white point. Then, just triple click the home button to drop the brightness even lower!

My brain when I have nothing to do: *cricket noises*
My brain when I have a super rush project due soon: *a comically large number of cartoon style lightbulbs appearing*

There is no way to verbally express ":(?"

Verschlimmbessern (v): To make something worse while trying to improve it

memetic hazard (im not kidding) 

I keep fucking yawning and it never feels finished and anyone I mention it to also starts yawning, I've been cursed.

How to optimize code:

Step 1: find and remove the time.sleep(5) you added to the for loop so you could check the output

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@elly the absolute distrust and contempt towards students in our education system sucks tbh

Students who are going to cheat will cheat regardless of how much you do to stop them. The only thing automated proctoring does is put more pressure on honest students.

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If you're a professor/teacher and you make students use software like proctorio, please reconsider. Someone I know was failed automatically by a similar program (I won't name which) for looking away from their screen to use scratch paper.

Masto road trip, who’s in? We can do it clown car style or we can larp as suburban white ladies and have a station wagon caravan

My funny stores are depleted, jokes should be back sometime this week

“I can cook canned soup” i say as i somehow burn soup

I have dropped my Reddit habit and replaced it with Durak (the card game) of all things

im too shy to be an offensive security engineer, can i be an inoffensive security engineer?

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