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Sorry if you follow request me and land in “I’ll get to it later” purgatory, I catch up on them in a few days usually

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All programmers are either trans or trans and in denial

why do phlebotomists take three hours to find a good vein when every mosquito in a 10 mile radius does it the second i step outside with exposed skin

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tired: me
wired: not me
inspired: also not me

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Me, in tears: you can't just call every system you happen to dislike "technical debt"
IT Manager *points at a seagull* technical debt

30 minute hw assignment: eh i’ll do it later
2 and half hour biology lecture on youtube: i think i’ll take two

shout out to the Starbucks barista who head me say my deadname and wrote the gender swapped version of it

me when writing error handling: this is more than enough logging, i might even need to cut it back a bit to save disk space
me when reading logged errors: i need to know the users pulse rate and social security number

Does anyone know any games in the same genre/vibe as A Short Hike? I picked it up a while ago and I absolutely love it so I'd like to play other games like it

Fun tech tip: Macs intentionally make the caps lock button less sensitive to prevent you from activating it accidentally - if it bothers you and you want to turn it off, go to System Preferences, then Accessibility, then Keyboard. Check "Enable Slow Keys", select options, and slide the slider all the way to the left.

Happy to say we’re sending out the first round of invites!!

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“It’s just a phase!”

Ma’am this phase lasted longer than your marriage

Just hit myself in the face with my phone for the third time today… time for sleeping

planned parenthood: yes!
plant parenthood: also yes!

Pro tip: post transition photos reversed so TERFs give you validation

why do conservatives think that debating is just who can interrupt the other person more

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adhd is fun! you get to do so many things! for example,

Cheat in chess by setting up a mirror behind your opponent so you can see their board

here you're all smart if we had our eyes on top of eachother like
would we still see in 3d? i think so but im not 100% sure

Ok if you think about it unless your display is OLED wouldn’t dark mode use more energy not less?

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