@Porcinocene I saw the second one first and read it as Grapes of Wrath but set in Dubois (the Indiana town where my in-laws reside).

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Nereid gloves for #MerMay! I'm so pleased that the mirrored lace pattern turned out okay on the second glove, phew!

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More work still on this track. I've re-recorded all the parts. I'll still have to do the vocals one more time. I didn't realize how tired my voice was until I listed back to this while mixing.

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@markusl @eyeling And the particular set of wavelengths that IR photography is highlighting is something that vegetation reflects a ton of, while fur apparently, does not.

@eyeling I'm curious... Are you actually using infrared film, or some other process? (Asks the old man who was a photography major when there was only film.)

me when i see a puppy 

@haskal @chemelia I just feel the need to point them out to my family saying one of the following: puppy, tiny puppy, big puppy, floof, tiny floof, big floof.

@traabot Of course. It's not like people see themselves represented in fictional characters or something. /s

Although I do feel like there's something to this idea of a comfort slur. People do seem to have a hard time giving them up.

I did more work on this one. Added and intro and outro, and recorded an octave mandolin part. I'm looking forward to have a friend record a bodhrán (type of frame drum) part soon.


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lomg list of people worth followinf on fedi 

@Froggo Thanks. I appreciate the vote of confidence.

Had to redraft. Screwed up the link:
Work on the album continues. I started recording another song. This one is fun. I learned it years ago. The melody interesting. The rhythm is weird. And lyrics are endearingly ridiculous. edyother.github.io/AlbumSite

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#Intro 1/4

hellooo! I'm Evel, an #autistic and disabled #Indigenous Person of Color, and everything I do is through that lens. Been on this planet-ride round the sun for near 40 years. also i'm #dyslexic so typos incoming!

i'm a graphic designer who used to think they were an artist. i do most things in #inkscape and insist on calling gnu image manipulation program GNU Imp! all my arty work is done on linux.

sometimes i post #publicDomain things here -> freesvg.org/by/evel

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@grey Is there a significance to your choice of knots that you're including in these? Just curious because I've been a longtime nerd about knots and the one in #4 is one that I've made and used as a doormat for years.

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choice quote about eye contact 

"An adult client of mine had trouble maintaining eye contact. She did not look at a person’s face while they were speaking, but she was able to repeat every word he or she said. I still remember her response: “So doc, you are telling me that even though I can repeat every word they said, people won’t think I’m really listening because I am not looking at a special place on their face? So who has the problem?”"

@tacohitbox Yay. I was about to be sad about not being able to rotate a cow.

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