More work still on this track. I've re-recorded all the parts. I'll still have to do the vocals one more time. I didn't realize how tired my voice was until I listed back to this while mixing.

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I did more work on this one. Added and intro and outro, and recorded an octave mandolin part. I'm looking forward to have a friend record a bodhrán (type of frame drum) part soon.

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Had to redraft. Screwed up the link:
Work on the album continues. I started recording another song. This one is fun. I learned it years ago. The melody interesting. The rhythm is weird. And lyrics are endearingly ridiculous.

I have a house full of teenage lumps. There were more. One slept in their own bed, and one got picked up by their parents at 4am because they were allergic to something in our house. It appears that fun was had by all.

More work on the album. I remembered that the reason I bought the particular microphone that I'm doing most of this with is because it's remarkably natural sounding. So I stripped all the effects out of all the tracks and started over. Now all that's used is a little eq and a tiny bit of compression. And I re-recorded this one. Eventually a friend will join me on fiddle for it.

Brought the youngest and their friend to the Oddities and Curiosities Expo in Indianapolis yesterday.

I'm here, ready and waiting on y'all. I just need folks to play some tunes with.

The prototyping continues. I think I want to try black flocking on the foam insert.

You're out for a walk and you pass these two. What did they cat call at you?

I've been wanting to find a way to make a tight, well fitted inner part of a case for a couple of these antique flutes that I play. I finally had this idea yesterday. Using my desktop CNC to carve out, in this case, a piece of a 2x6. Next up will be trying to do it with something like rigid foam insulation.

Tucker Carlson, dick joke 

There's bound to be a joke involving the word "tuck" in here somewhere.

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