Have to tell y'all about the wild flashback I just had to feeling like teenager. 

So I'm taking the kids and two of their friends to Indiana Beach, an amusement park. My 13 year old has taken to my taste in music.

At this point it's me and three teenagers in my little hatchback with the windows open and listening to Black Flag, and Screeching Weasel. I'm picking up the last kid and their Mom comes out to the driveway. I get out to meet her. And I already feel like I'm in trouble.

Have to tell y'all about the wild flashback I just had to feeling like teenager. 

It doesn't help that none of the kids' friends are using their given names, and not all are out to their parents. So every time I meet parents I have to try to remember what name to use front of which parents. Now I'm standing in the driveway. I have to actually remind myself to step out from behind my car door.



Have to tell y'all about the wild flashback I just had to feeling like teenager. 

Then 13yo starts turning up Bikini Kill.

I had to stop myself from turning around and saying "Dude, turn it down! I'm talking to Moth's mom!"

I swear that I actually drove away thinking to myself "Sweet. She let us go." Like I wasn't a grown ass middle aged man.

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