me, a year or so ago: constant distro-hopping
me, now: very happy with silverblue, chronic mastodon client hopping

friends im back on tooot

then again... probably shouldve taken more from it than "i wanna be pretty :("

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did i probably overwork myself today? mhmm
but i did watch the entirety of the silly little gay vampire show so I'd say it's worth it

uhhh...nvm, that is _quite_ the storm that appeared outa nowhere

Show thread i did the blog thing again and it's a topic i think is actually pretty important, would appreciate any opinions!

slightly long, other social place, brief mention of mh 

might write a blog post about what is, in my opinion, the worst social media app around now - bereal. will touch on the obvious mental health and privacy atrocities it commits, but as someone who refuses to download it, is there anything i should know before i start writing?
and yeah im aware that asking _here_ is probably a stupid idea but hey, ill give it a shot

if only they knew they could host critical infrastructure on something other than a potato :(

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because ofc the results website goes down. why wouldn't it?

i KNOW i should turn off dead poets society before the end
so why do i never do it??

i just wanna watch the sad gay person :( now ill have to watch the other sad gay person

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speaking as a jellyfin user who leaches off a friend's plex server: the fact that i have to pay to watch stuff on my phone is beyond me...

upon a little bit of use: it's very nice when it's not being buggy. but i think I'll try and pick up the codebase and try and fix a few, at some point. definitely worth the effort, imo. go check it out, people!

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