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Website: get a premium subscription and go ad free!
Me, with an adblocker: which ads? πŸ₯΄

@Crocmagnon Oh, I wasn't aware it's a premium feature. Anyway, yes, I can understand why people want to store 2FA along passwords, but still can't recommend it, because it takes the 2FA out of 2FA :D

I use a different system to achieve the goal. For one, I use AndOTP which allows easy and secure backups, then again, I store my backup codes in an offline password safe. And for convenience, if possible, I use FIDO2/U2F instead of TOTP.

I noted some parts down a while ago:

aside: I think for Facebook to actually be a viable company (and not destroy humanity's collective mental health), a lot of people would have to leave the company as part of a change in direction. Facebook cannot achieve constant growth without fucking us all over

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I'm going live now on to try and install Mastodon for the first time!

yet another browser poll (x2) 

And how many hours/ day do you spend in it?

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yet another browser poll (x2) 

What is your main browser?

Go set a reminder right now to take time for self care.

Filing issues with as much detail as possible is great for the health of the FOSS community.

Sharing FOSS alternatives (in relevant situations) is great for the health of the FOSS community.

Writing documentation for FOSS software is great for the health of the FOSS community.

Being nice to each other? Also a great thing for the health of the FOSS community.


Extremely funny to me that underage people are protected from capitalist exploitation by only being allowed to work *checks notes* extremely exploitative and shitty jobs

I've done some testing with screen readers and these ascii-art headers everyone uses are an accessibility disaster. #gemini

masto feature idea 

A tool or button to un-boost all posts from dead servers. Or just from a specified server address.


I have started an open-source project to turn Facebook profiles/pages/groups feeds into RSS because FB is bad but sometimes it has some good stuff to follow.

#RSS #Facebook #Python

People talk about vicarious battery anxiety when someone else is sharing their screen and their computer's battery is low. I get vicarious anxiety when I notice their browser is begging them to update but they haven't yet. Like, I have to restrain myself from interrupting and saying, "You know zero-days are discovered constantly, right?"

So Google recently removed an extension named "The Great Suspender" from the extension store due to the presence of malware in the extension:

This change in the extension transpired after the project changed ownership, with the developer being quite silent on the subject (likely due to an NDA backed by lots of money):

This change seemed to have been started back in June of 2020, with the malware introduced (or noticed) around October. 1/3

Not everyone on fedi can code but everyone on fedi was the designated β€œknows how to change to from HDMI 1 to HDMI 2” kid

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