productivity idealism sometimes encourages us to make foolish choices.

There's a thing that I can automate with code. it's not urgent. And it's not my responsibility to ensure it's done.

But I want to make *progress* that is **visible** so I do it manually. I know that I want to automate it. But if I have 15 minutes I can get it done manually, or I can make 15 minutes of progress on automation.

I'm trying to encourage myself to spend the 15 minutes making invisible progress.

operating system tier list 

A diagram of an operating system tier list is presented. On the great tier, there is Linux, and on the good tier there is Windows. On the alright tier, there is macOS and Android. A little below them, on the a-little-stinky tier, there is iOS. Finally on the last tier, the dum-dum-bubblegum tier, lies chromeOS. Thanks Google.

furry comic 

Alternate Text:
Kitten at computer: Hi, I have problems catching mice, any advice please?
Leopard at computer: Catching mice is no longer considered a best practice.
Tiger at computer: I recommend upgrading to relying on humans.
Lion at computer: Covered by "How to Stalk Birds", marked as duplicate.

I taught bow. That was not satisfying.

— Athel èrithudist, Swordsdwarf

How fleeting life is... Begone fear!

— Utes Zomônu, Goblin Bard

Death... I'm so distressed about this!

— Tobul Arelzaneg, Animal Caretaker

rat with knife 

rat with knife
rat wiwh tha knife


someone should put a "kick me" sign on elon musk's back

Hey folks, I know you love your proxy sites for Twitter, YouTube etc - but if you're sharing a link could you please use the authoritative source so I know what the hell I'm going to be clicking on and make my own informed decisions?

Also 90% of these third party sites are by default dark-themed accessibility nightmares and I can't read half the stuff on them anyway.

kiwifarms, long 

The guy behind KF wrote this long whining screed in the wake of Dreamhost opting to no longer take money from him in exchange for being his domain registrar and DNS provider.

I won't bother linking it. In the screed his complains that he's down to Cloudflare or running every part of the infrastructure from crossconnect to server to IP allocation to domain registration himself, because at every step of the process to get networked and online someone has "censored" (editorial comment: by censored he means "exercised their right to not do business with him") him.

VPS providers won't do business with him, a datacenter yanked his servers and told him to piss off, several orgs will not XC with anyone that carries him, no ISP will carry him so he's had to start his own, and even if he funds and runs everything required to be his own ISP, host, registrar, and provider he then has nothing protecting him from having his dick DDoSed off which is apparently a constant and on-going thing; imagine that.

It's really one of the biggest "No, it's everyone else who is wrong" cases of cognitive dissonance I've ever seen.

Oh, and also: Good.
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