I honestly thought this was a flyer for a nightclub until I remembered we don't have nightclubs currently.


We are engaging in cultural fusion by drinking gin & tonic while watching the baseball. Chin chin, Twin Twins.

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eye contact, alc 

I can't believe I am off work for 10 whole consecutive days. After the stress of the last... 2021 it feels unreal.

selfie, ec 

Had to go into work office for the first time since the Before Times today, for what turned out to be bullshit reasons.

Still, I got to borrow my dual monitors from work and fit them to my home desktop so that's pretty sweet.

dog ec

Here I am minding my own business eating hot chip, and then I glance down to see I am being Studied.

human eye contact, alc 

As part of coping with lockdown, we're trying to make the weekends different. So for dinner we splashed out on Vietnamese takeout, which @bright_helpings and I had to collect as they don't deliver out this far. @QueenMollyBones cleared off the table so we could sit around it and share a meal.

It's not a lot but it feels different and special.

dog photo 

Gary has fallen asleep and is doing little snores with my fingers wrapped in his fur.

photo, dog poop implied 

Me and @bright_helpings went to take Gary for a walk only to find it was snowing heavily! I got Cosmo to pose for a nice photo to send his folks. However, I had to crop Gary out once I saw what he was settling down to do...

dog ec 

This adorable photo is from last night, but tonight Gary tried to get @QueenMollyBones to move so he could sit in the same spot next to me. In the end he gave up and sat in my lap and I sang to him:

"You can't always sit where you want.
But if you try sometime, you just might find,
You can sit on my knees!"

dog photo 

Dear boss, I must take the afternoon off work rather than disturb this precious sleepy pup.

dog photo, no ec 

This is a very tired boy after a 4km / 2.5mi walk. He's been very wary of long walks recently - either because he's been poorly, or scared of fireworks. But today he just went for it and I let him go as far as he wanted - until it started snowing!

Christmas, food 

@maloki puts the finishing touches to Christmas Dinner. Turducken, Swedish meatballs, potatoes, parsnips, @error_1202@mspsocial.net 's creamed corn, cauliflower cheese, sprouts & bacon, Swedish gravy and vegetarian gravy.

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