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I just had this conversation this morning. I've been thinking of some alternatives that give more personal control.

Why Medium Actually Sucks - cdevn

I spent this morning with friends, working on our businesses and discussing our personal lives. On the way home I saw volunteers touching up paint on a mural in memory of the 49 dead, as well as cleaning the road and sidewalks for several miles of Mills Ave.

Be like pansexual furries on Mastodon and provide descriptive alt tags for your images. Make the web more accessible for all!

I received spam email to my inbox from a tech company using the name John Galt, with the tagline "where the good people are."

Get this garbage out of my inbox

me, age 15: I think we should provide basic necessities to people

my dad: you'll become more conservative when you're an adult

me, legally an adult:
:hacker_e:​:hacker_a:​:hacker_t:​ :hacker_t:​:hacker_h:​:hacker_e: :hacker_r:​:hacker_i:​:hacker_c:​:hacker_h:

You like the #emoji picker of #Mastodon?

Actually, I took it and made it available as an add-on, so you can use it in the whole #Firefox :firefox:! πŸ˜ƒ

Check it out here:

If you're debugging an array or an object, try console.table() instead of console.log()! It gives you a muuuuch better visual representation of the data in the console πŸŽ‰

Weird Al time! For’s birthday I got end seats near the stage so I hope dances on her

Having giving a keynote of "Business, WordPress, & Ethics." sounds like a great topic. I'm looking forward to it!

I'm trying to get a bit of feedback around content monetization.

Making money on content aggregation sites like Medium is challenging for individual contributors.

What would you want to have in place to get paid: ads, subscriptions, handling it on your own, something else?

I’m bad at tweeting in the moment. I did the One Pulse Pride 5K this morning with and and it wasn’t blazing hot the whole time!

Dogs really ARE everyone’s best friend 🐢❀️

:cool_rainbow: pride month commissions pls boost :cool_rainbow: 

wasn't sure about posting this on twitter so i'll do it here first

for only $15 you can snag an icon for pride month similar to the one below! DM me if interested! says that you can down rank or block specific authors, but that mainly just seems to mean that I get a 502 error if I try to visit their profile directly. I still see them in search, in my digest emails, and everywhere that isn't their direct profile page.

It should be a crime to hold a conversation on speaker phone in a public place, right? Or do I just really not want to hear a garbled conversation loud on both ends?

I don't know if Chrome always switched tabs if you did a two finger scroll up/down over the tab bar, but now that I know it I keep accidentally doing it and want to disable it

Explain to me how anyone exists on the internet.

The straight pride flag transcends all satire, it might be the greatest self-own in a generation



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