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It’s the first Kiwi Farms telegram post comments section I’ve seen without racism.

Went out for a walk and they were playing the funeral over the big telly in $LARGE_PUBLIC_SQUARE so it felt like I was doing a grim walking simulator in real life.

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The Two Types of "Mysterious Small Town" Stories


I visited the New York 🗽 transit museum 🎟️ and they had vintage trains 🚇 complete with vintage ads 🖼️ and I saw 👁️👁️ an example of a writing style 💅 that I thought was a modern invention 💻 but it turns out was being used in the 1950s 😎 to fight Soviet Russia 🛠️


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@GOJIIMUSIC Your set and stage energy was fire, also seeing you interact with the crowd was iconic 🥳💟

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Nintendo’s refusal to understand the culture of its players is shameful and the #1 thing holding it back

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In light of recent & unfortunate events

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JBE Books is creating a limited €1900 version of One Piece in a single 21,540 page volume, making it the longest book ever created

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It is completely unjust & contrary to social justice liberation to pit Autistics (and disabled folks) against other marginalized communities with regards to workplace discrimination.

Even more, doing so completely disregards the disability justice principle of intersectionality.


Every year I lead you further from the light. Candy Corn Buttplugs are back.


sharing my stream 

If anyone would like a chill stream to have on in the background, here's my auto Mario Party stream.

You can vote on which characters you think will win the board.

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