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I re-re-purposed this mug for a hanging planter after I dropped and broke it then glued it back together. It might not be gold, but I think this is still kintsugi.

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🦌 field dressing 🦌

( cw gore ? )

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Hi. I'm QA/Support on @BearBreakfast. There was 1 mint plant JUST out of reach. Thought it was intended. Didn't report it. It wasn't. LOTS of tickets about it. Told @eastoclock that I responded to players "The one that got away..." and similar.

So this is how he "fixed" it LOL:

to all the Linux nerds out there, have any of you used Fedora before? if so, how is it?

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🫠zero-width joiner🐱

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Our community library hours continue this Thursday at 12pm at the Winter Park Library! Members of Team Anna will be onsite w/ our legislative office providing support for assistance programs & state agencies. Sign-ups are encouraged at & we can't wait!

The DOS Games Jam has started! This is a casual, unranked jam for creating games that would fit in with the games released for DOS. Tabletop games and zines inspired by games from that era are welcome too! The page also lists tools for creating DOS games

The test equation that I toss into Nerdle each time that I play to see a variety of potential numbers was the correct answer today. I feel powerful.

The test equation that I toss into Nerdle each time that I play to see a variety of potential numbers was the correct answer today. I feel powerful.

Remember kids, what do we say when we see someone shoplifting food or tampons?

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A reminder that Japan has an official IKEA mascot that's a Blahaj in a suit

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THREAD: The evolution of Pokémon cards through history, as generated by DALL·E 2

For starters, here’s what DALL·E 2 thinks 21st century Pokémon cards look like, using prompts like “A Pokémon card from 2001”

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