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So while I was in , I took part in a union campaign aiming to . This was such a fantastic experience, and I am overjoyed and ever-thankful to @cmkshama for this experience. I will forever stand in with the working class. (1/2)

After my laptop shot yesterday, I figured it was time to show off my current sticker assortment.

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Tomorrow I'm starting a marathon supporting @TrevorProject by playing a bunch of the old harry potter games on stream @

Day 1 (Tomorrow) will be PSX!

all RTs appreciated



Neurotypicals: "autists have such a rigid mindset, they lack situational awareness and they can't put themself in another person's position."

Also neurotypicals: having heated arguments over things where they can't imagine that other people's way of doing things can be as valid and natural as their own way of doing them.

Upsetting to watch a video guide on how to get started in a social game when there are guide sections about the violence, problem players, trolls, griefers, and bugs. Cool, gotta love it. Makes me really trust people who enjoy playing.

"TerraUSD, the controversial algorithmic stablecoin, slumped on Wednesday as crypto markets await a rescue led by primary backer Do Kwon."

~~ the future of finance ~~

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always thought mindfulness sounded painful, wack, and something I wouldn't be "good" at. But this passage in the Dialetical Behavioral Therapy Workbook for Bipolar by Van Dijk has stayed with me for weeks. Esp the 2nd paragraph. The point isn't to be good at it, or even enjoy it.

i feel like it's a bad sign when your stablecoin community is talking about "buying the dip"

my internet friends are cute and lovely ans awesome and i want to hug them irl

I feel like I should follow this and say -- the news out of Nintendo of America over-relying on contract workers and whether directly or through its partners manipulating those contracts to make sure people aren't eligible to be hired into NOA directly, along with union busting...

It's hugely disappointing and horseshit. I think it's a topic that should be brought up in every interview with a NOA executive from now on, too. Just to put pressure on them.

And maybe with NCL too.

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Nice to be able to sit, grab a coffee, and work outside of the house while still not being too close to anyone else.

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I was recently interviewed on the AOL Underground podcast about my time as an AOL hacker in the late 90s/early 2000s. More background and interview link here for anyone interested:

I'd generally like more movies with biopunk themes, the pickings are rather slim

@socks I read a bunch of your stories yesterday and I really liked them! You have a good style (and some pretty hot scenes), and I look forward to reading more of them in the future!

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