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One of my girlfriends just responded to an email I sent.

In 2008.

For any queer furry nudists that follow me or are out there, I have a telegram group for it if you want to find other like minded people. :3

DM me for a link if you’d like to join.

for 2022!

heya there, you can call me Claire! Russell is okay too! Somebody just trying to find their way in life. Im non binary, ace panromantic. they/them, 30s and stuck on Long Island.

Single, not looking for romance but I love to talk! Sorry if I come off as clingy...

My sonas are an African wild dog and an arctic fox. Russell is like my pudgy self, Claire my expression for somebody on the autistic spectrum and feeling femme. Gender is weird, Im just soft and cute, okay?

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You are being rage farmed.

Your angry quote tweet = the goal.

Left: the tweet everyone is dunking on.
Right: Texas GOP gloating at the engagement they got.

If you must dunk: screen-cap & don't use their handle.

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I'm getting asked about what happened with @BerserkGames regarding moderation of @TabletopSim global chat and the suppression of gay/trans identities, so I put together these screenshots and answers.

I'm a trans pan mom, let me exist visibly please. πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

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Help the less fortunate and all people in need. Its not that complicated.

wordle is a game about a daily word that nobody dares speak

can you spot the squirrel?

I love how trees dress into bright white sparkly snow when temperatures drop quickly.

the best part of wakin up is coffee in your butt

@me I like your site, and how it changes whenever you refresh!

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Women in WP Podcast is seeking a sponsor for this season! Do you know any great plugin owners would like their product to be featured? This supports our transcriptions and editing of the podcast. We'd love for you to join us!

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Demonizing teachers is part of a LONG standing tactic by the right to bust unions & privatize education. The reality is that many parents are super involved in their child's education & no one in FL is teaching kids to hate USA -- but these facts don't create fear or division.

Hello new possible-friends! I've been on linux for like a decade at this point but I only learned about the Fediverse in the past week somehow. I'm a doctoral candidate studying models of pathogenesis in immigrant communities using quantitative methods, and I do a lot of clinical work with really sick kids. I'm a linux gamer. I'm queer AF and got married to my amazing wife LAST WEEK! Excited to be here.

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