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Hearing legal analysts explain why legally, technically, it was possible to find Rittenhouse not guiltyβ€”instead of talking about how what we call law has been shaped, especially in the last few decades, to enable this kind of killing.

I'm wanting to get a big elaborate commission to celebrate my upcoming four year anniversary with my wife. Any recommendations for who is open right now for something like that?

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Seventeen years ago, @firefox users got together in a campaign called β€œSpread Firefox”, and crowdfunded enough money to buy a full-page ad in the NY Times encouraging people to download version 1.0 of the browser. We’re seeing an analogous moment now…

7 transfems 1 cpu

Also, please tell me someone knows the artist of that sticker. I so badly want to buy more of them. >.<

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So, not to pick on John, but this take is actually wrong and OP is right. Because something catastrophic *did* happen to Gen X and the Xennial's music: the Telecommunication Act of 1996.

It's story time, kids... 1/

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As usual, the culprit was deregulation under capitalism.

And as usual, it's easier to point at each other and say, "You're doing it wrong/Get over it" when the proper response is, "Holy crap, you guys got screwed; here's a hug; I wonder how else we are getting screwed?" 18/fin

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out now (download/listen link in thread)

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πŸŽ‡ The Internet Culture Festival comes to @caveatnyc on 12/21!

Join @DocDre, @BrandyZadrozny, @gaywonk, @LegsFrank, @broderick, @KalhanR, @bijanstephen, @katienotopoulos, @rach_greenspan, @rushkoff, @loudmouthjulia, @GraftonTanner & @OffbeatMediaG


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Imagine a DAO that like, fed hungry people or housed homeless people or literally anything that made people's lives better? πŸ‘€

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β€œApple today announced Self Service Repair, which will allow customers who are comfortable with completing their own repairs access to Apple genuine parts and tools.”

A win for :

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What's the most impactful change you have made for your mental and/or physical health this year?

Mine is to actively work on not using productivity as a coping mechanism, and to start the work of separating what I accomplish from how I feel about my self worth.

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[me arriving late to things] sorry supply chain problems

jackbox game promo 

Haven't done this in a while: playing Jackbox on Discord with the furry and queer friends. You're welcome to join in for the next two hours or so here:

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In one sentence: Why is contributing to WordPress important?

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