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You ever see an unwritten toot with a CW and be like, "Damn. I wish I'd finished that toot?"

Despite the fact that is halfway between International Women's Day and International Women's Day, many non-binary people are not "half-and-half" but rather exist entirely outside the gender binary and linear time

Feeling super loved today! Shout out to all of my friends who keep me going and keep me coming back :bowie_heart:

It is both International Non-Binary People's Day and Mac & Cheese Day. You know what that means non-binary pals? Go treat yourself!

slightly unsettling architecture 

Does the Great Hall at Penrhyn Castle look scarier in the daytime or the nighttime?

(Not my photos)

I was only active on twitter for like a year in 2010 so my ambient mental concept of it is still like a fun place where you go "omg haha shaq replied to me!" and not the nightmare mental torture chamber it is now

Alexa how to stop having recurring mental image of a cockney lad saying β€œtransed me own gender, I did”

love seeing all of the powerful posts on my timeline

:bowie_blush: πŸ’› 🀍 πŸ’œ πŸ–€ :bowie_blush:

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It's Wednesday! Time to help awesome people find awesome jobs in .

Comment below with any open positions in your company or that you know about. (I'll list a bunch, too.)

Together, we make our community stronger.

it's international nonbinary day. give me your credit card information

do you ever think about how "head over heels" is the default orientation for a human body


Hello #portfolioday ! I’m a storyboard artist and doodler for animation currently looking for work. I draw comics, my dog, and also long baths! πŸ’«


if you tell me something is optional that means i dont have to do it and therefore wont do it. hope this helps

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The ", you've become today's main character" killswitch

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πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ Hi! Please respect Out Of Office emails/replies. If you email me Monday, Tuesday, then ask my acquaintance to text me, then try to DM me on discord… that’s not respecting a persons time off. You’re more likely to not get a response at all!

Randomly thinking about how people can leave reviews on plugins like:

"it works really well!

It just only does what it says and not the thing that I want.

2/5 stars."

asexual shitpost 

literally, every friendship is a friend with benefits because friendship is its own inherent benefit

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