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If you don't have much to do this weekend, read or listen to this Web History series by @jay_hoffmann. It's brilliantly written and with loads of detail about the browser wars and the birth of web standards

unnecessarily large toolbars are the web browser version of nature repeatedly making crabs

asking for email provider recommendations (redrafted cuz i accidentally set as private) 

im looking for a cheap, paid, private email provider similar to looks great for my needs, I just wanna scope out other options before I bite the bullet. In particular, if I could find one based in Australia that'd be good.

Usually I would go with an ISP email provider, but I'm living in a sharehouse and if I need to move to a different house I'll probably end up with a different ISP.

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The first rule of fight club is don't promise customers a feature will be added in the next update.

happy pride month everyone, don’t forget:
β€’ corporations see pride purely as a marketing event
β€’ the first pride was a riot
β€’ cops do not belong at pride
β€’ be gay
β€’ do crimes
β€’ trans people are real, fuck you
β€’ cis/het folk can support pride by giving us all your money

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"What newsletter tech stack should I use?"

New writers ask this constantly.

Here's my advice:
Just use @SubstackInc.

If you hate writing, you'll be glad you didn't waste time on your tech stack.

If you're still going after 20-50 issues, you'll know what tech you want.

kinda neat how awesome gay, trans and nonbinary people are

Randomly laughing because I remembered that time Rick Astley personally Rickrolled America at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. XD

so many people are surprised that the hackers actually do unlock shit after they're paid. like, why wouldn't they. the moment they don't hold up their end of the deal is the moment everyone stops paying them.

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The number of transphobic people who know NOTHING about trans people but keep acting like they do are the absolute worst.


πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ Happy Pride
:molotov: Fuck TERFS, esp the queer ones

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nothing says pride like gatekeeping, discourse, and punching down and sideways. because whats the point in making your own joy if its not elevating you above others that dont meet your criteria? whats the point in being happy if you can't make yourself into an oppressor anew? hmm?

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Happy Pride Month to:

*Queer Kids of homophobic parents, you deserve so much better
*Sex Workers
*Asexuals, Demisexuals, Bisexuals, and Pansexuals
*Disabled Queers
*BIPOC Queers
*People who use the 'ally' label because it may not be safe for you to be out yet
*Drag Queens who arent white cis gay men
*Drag Kings
*Autistic trans folk
*Indigenous queers struggling to find proper terminology for who we are because colonization stole our languages from us
*that one ally pastor going around smacking homophobic christians with a rolled up newspaper and yelling at them to stop being shitty

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