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A Midsummer Night's Dream at @LakeEolaPark πŸŽ­πŸŒƒ @OrlandoShakes @WUCFTV

Yo furries, share links to your personal websites devoted to your sonas

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My therapist told me "Just because you have free time doesn't mean you are available." I know someone else needs to hear that message today.

I am making a small website focused mainly on an image gallery. It will be a handful of pages max.

Hand-coding would be my go-to for this, but I want to start learning a new framework, preferably PHP or JS based. I figure something small like this is the way to make myself actually do it.

What would you try if you were learning something new these days?

anyone with experience of scripting in tabletop simulator have any tips for getting started ? i don't have high ambitions just yet, i mostly want to add counters to a table to keep track of how many cards people have and go from there

Interesting fact for my followers abroad: this is what most lawns look like in America

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What do you tell people who say they have β€œnothing to hide” when talking about data privacy?

Hot take but... the level to which cw's are used on Mastodon has actually made them functionally useless.

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Remember folks, the good you do rubs off on people. Encourage them, point out when they’re doing well, and it will make a difference. In just a few days some positive actions and word choices made a huge difference in one of my coworkers, and it’s helped us both be better.

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Neither @SpaceX nor @NASA seem to be launching anything today on 4-3-21. I'm deeply disappointed.

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If you love @michelleames please retweet this.

yet another pic of me, eye contact, :BoostOK: 

Just hanging out with my favorite products and brands

comm for @/MochaDook on twitter, bringing zunes back in fashion!

Anyway on this #AutismAcceptanceMonth I’m here to remind you that autistic people are almost never bullied for being autistic, but rather for being β€œweird.” Autistic people express themselves differently, use different language, and experience things like gender and sexuality differently than neurotypical people. Keep this in mind next time you’re rolling your eyes at someone you find embarrassing online

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