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Google fired another woman working in the ethics of AI... because she was looking into why they fired the woman before her who was working in the ethics of AI.

venting about gay representation 

mainstream queer representation is like "here's a gay character but he's totally normal and respectable so we can show how totally progressive we are!!! see, he's sex-negative and he's monogamous and he's even a cop!!! we're totally putting gay people in a positive light instead of showing a GROSS gay person"

@david I'm aware of "ClearURLs" if you're looking for an automatic solution, and "Neat URL" if you want a configurable tool. Both on

dog ec

Here I am minding my own business eating hot chip, and then I glance down to see I am being Studied.

i once said to my partner "who's pearl jam" and they like, somehow made the angry keysmash noise out loud and i've been chasing that high ever since

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Looking for recommendation of tools to strip tracking query strings and redirects from URLs, preferably in email clients other than just Gmail and preferably for Firefox

I am awake, it is the weekend, and you cannot stop me!

Hello there! If you're reading this, welcome to me account! I'm a 20something just tryin' to survive the struggles of life. Bi/pan, he/they, always there if ya need to talk one way or another.

My fursona is a wolf (generic I know lol) and is an outlet for me to express myself better.

I'm an auto tech student in the Seattle area learning more about myself as I was diagnosed with Asperger's only a few years ago. Still a long road ahead of me but I know I can power through it.

local timeline is talking about plushies, which is good

Plushies are not something you ever outgrow and will always be a valid source of comfort during sad times.

What if I just start slacking β€œI love you office dad ❀️” to the ceo at the end of every day

Me: I should bookmark this before I forget again
Firefox: You already did

😈: make a mastodon instance
πŸ‘Ό: you dolt, you fucking idiot, don’t

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