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To all of the new folks joining, welcome to the instance! Myself, @amandag, @rantingsteve, and @shooshy are here if you need anything! :blobcatheartpride:

Make sure you check out the Code of Conduct, and feel free to ping any of us if you have questions about using Mastodon or specifics to the instance.

Watching new Pinky and the Brain and they went to the NSA and stole data with a SCSI cable.

I was about to go, "hold on, what?", then remembered that it's a government agency and I wouldn't be surprised at all if they still used that old of tech.


So, considering the predictable influx of white supremacists into this network can we have an update on this?

porque valoro mi privacidad y no quiero ceder mis datos de forma casi obligatoria y por presiΓ³n social a las grandes empresas.

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por salud mental. Los servicios centralizados como Twitter y Facebook estΓ‘n llenos de gentuza que no sabe respetar la dignidad y el desarrollo de las personas.

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principalmente porque querΓ­a huir de la transfobia (ciertos sectores supuestamente de "izquierdas") y de la caspa de Twitter EspaΓ±a.

This is the most passive aggressive video on my channel

Someone on reddit was making fun of me for calling the ai opponent in a fighting game "the CPU"

This week's newsletter is the most link stuffed one that I've done in a long time. Gets sent to subscribers in 35 minutes!

I'm starting weekly game night in 15 minutes!

We're doing Jackbox again this week before trying some new games next week.

Join us on Discord if you wanna chat with us while we play:

Twitch if you just wanna watch:

I'm starting weekly game night in 15 minutes!

We're doing Jackbox again this week before trying some new games next week.

Join us on Discord if you wanna chat with us while we play:

Twitch if you just wanna watch:

hot take: Picross is just minesweeper but the numbers are on the x and y axis instead of surrounding the tiles

do you know any robotics oriented profiles/persons worth following on mastodon?

US politics; How I will be dealing with the coup attempt personally 

* Focus on practical things I can do for people immediately around me
* Send money to progressive organizations who need the help
* The world doesn't need my spicy take on it

reminder that qoto has a "remote timelines" feature where it basically fetches the public-facing timeline of a user and puts it as a column in the multiple column mastodon view

aka: a feature literally created for block evasion

Damn, I love being validated for things that I don't always get followup on. Like defederating from qoto

another freeze peach instance that i'd had domain blocked personally for over a year and unblocked today.

the *very first* thing from this instance i see after making that mistake is this: bemoaning birdsite finally shutting down Trump and recommending people join gab and parler

I just noticed that they released a 20th anniversary version of an album that was rather formative to me when it came out in 2000: Spiritual Machines by Our Lady Peace.

I don't agree with all of the stuff from Kurzweil, but I read his book of the same name after listening to this album a lot, and it definitely shaped some of my thinking about tech and humanity.

This piece by @/Hexacult_Beast on :birdsite: is so wonderful...

"Tiny dragons need kobolds too"

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