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the voice actor for Cerberus is in fact a REAL dog and shes credited on the wiki


Be careful not to confuse centaurs with centitaurs. One has a horse body, the other has a centipede body

It's kinda lame that you can't edit sticker packs in Signal after you create them, but at least Signal supports them. Of course this is after I switch to mainly using Telegram :bowie_laugh:

Aaaaanyway, if you use Signal I uploaded the stickers that @ljames made for me:

They are still on Telegram too:

newsletter self promo 

I'm still doing my random stuff weekly newsletter!

New issues out most Friday mornings. Mainly stuff that I've enjoyed that week and want to share for you to read/watch/listen to over the weekend.

If you are interested, you can see past issues and sign up here:

ranting about tech sites 

This site is about technology, not identity politics!!!

*uses "dense" language to provide a "coherent" argument that amounts to hating non cishet techbros*

I dislike sites that take advantage of being able to swap tab title text to make them more distracting in the browser.

It's crazy how bright our rings glow after exposure to intense light

Ok which one of yall wrote the wikipedia page about mewtwo

Pronouncing "Font":

other designers: "fahnt"
me: "fawwnt"

I distrust those people who crash into someone’s mentions, say something questionable, and then react with “If you don’t like what I say, block me”.

As if the idea of being more mindful of what they are saying to others doesn’t even cross their minds, and as if they don’t even understand how they’re shifting the responsibility of an unpleasant conversation onto those who haven’t started it

This spent a lot more time in the planning stage than in painting, and I think that shows a little, but it was fun to make. And I let things just kinda happen.

Red-winged blackbird.

I went back to my base in No Man’s Sky after a year away and it’s powered down, overgrown with native fauna, but my specialist colleagues are still sitting there

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