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recommended entry level servers for people getting into homelab automations / plex, and prices you can expect to pay for one without any processors or drives:

dell precision t7810 ($275 barebones, dual socket, two drive bays)

dell precision t7910 ($325 barebones, dual socket, 4-8 drive bays)

dell precision t5810 ($150 barebones, single processor, but these are so common that’s very possible to find one on Craigslist for between $0 and $50)

that’s it, that’s the whole recommendation list

β˜• β˜• β˜• β˜• β˜• β˜•

I'm considering a newsletter provider service again, since I already use one linked to my self hosted WordPress site so it's not like I own it all anyway.

I've been debating Substack and Buttondown. Anyone know terrible things about either to exclude them?

self reminder. maybe for you too 

it's okay to take up space in other people's life and in conversation. is okay to ask for attention. is okay to initiate contact.

homofobia, transfobia, murder, news 

A women, 20yo, was killed by her brother today because she was in a relationship with a trans man, in Italy. I'm so fucking angry I don't even know where to start. Fuck fuck fuck fuck. Nevertheless, I heard this news on the radio, where they misgendered the guy multiple times.

I only found articles in italian, I'm sorry

spiritfarer gameplay spoiler 

I'm kinda happy you can keep doing events from people that went through the gate

especially that it makes their houses still useful which is kinda nice

From birdsite 

RT @Billcatter
Marco and Marty
(scanned and refined a tad)

it's a cozy rainy day and im gonna play some mkwii, come hang!

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