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in poor taste 

@Aleums ah yes, BROvid

in poor taste 

mandemic: a pandemic for men

@david what the frick? It's Monday!

Also what's a Monday?

Twitter, Facebook etc is where we talk the talk. Nothing more. Change only happens when you walk the walk. And that doesnโ€™t happen here. When you DO something out there - great! When you talk about that here, ok. But youโ€™re again just talking the talk. Simple.

Atheists/agnostics: do you believe there's any sort of afterlife or reincarnation? If so, what do you think/hope it's like?

I don't think JK Rowling is a TERF because I don't think any part of her feminism is radical.

@david i legitimately did a double take upon reading this dammit david lmao

binging with babish needs to do the porkchop sandwiches from the gi joe psa parody send toot

My fursonas 

So since I have tried to be part of the furry fandom (2017 I guess?), here are my main fursonas
(Ok, 3 furs and 1 robot but you know what I mean)


Just want to be giving some love and attention to @Mace right now tbh

kant: we should only do that which we could posit as universal law. for example, were everyone to steal, this would destroy the concept of property,

me: hell yea

kant: it would contradictโ€”

me: 'steal everything always'. got it

The person who said wizards shit their pants and then teleport the mess away is not qualified to say anything about anything

very sick of the concern trolling from white libs about โ€œwell when you say defund you have to mean the money goes to social servicesโ€ as if thatโ€™s not THE EXACT point made by defund the police. Who do you think doesnโ€™t understand this message other than someone trying not to

finally got around to finishing this last night, pretty pleased with how it came out

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