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flaming take 

using a crossposter as your only method of posting to fedi is no different from actually just spamming

Fediverse question for anyone not on m.s:

Do you feel like at least one of you instance moderators knows who you are, individually?


Feel free to also reply with what instance you're on.

From birdsite 

RT @lisadraws
HAPPY FRIDAY :)))))))))))))))))))))))) TUCA & BERTIE IS COMING BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

asking for feedback, pls boost 

Creatures of Mastodon who have disabilities of any kind, I want to hear from you. I think home automation has a huge untapped potential to aid people with disabilities function in their homes, but as a person without physical disabilities I cannot determent what and what would not be helpful, that's where you come in! If you either have an idea, or are willing to listen to mine, please contact me! atm this is purely academic, but who knows!

you might think I'm just another useless leftist in the imperial core talking about communism online, but I'm also talking about communism on Grindr

Anyone know of a place where I could download ISOs of old shareware games collection disks?

143/366 While the sky and weather report tease us with more "Maybe thunderstorms? Shrug?", a morning walk got this bird who posed the more I approached

I ain't happy
This Kong has a funny face
I got sunshine
just like a balloon
I'm useless, but not for long
This crazy Kong just digs this tune

I'm still trying to find my newsletter voice and break from the template that I've been in. This week I've found some good things to share.

If you wanna follow along, old issues and subscribe are here, and I'll be publishing later today.

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