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Affectionate callout 

the best way to avoid having to report data breaches is to never have a blue team so you never know about any breaches in the first place

while you were studying the blade, I was reading homestuck

I'd like to have 4 plasma cutter albums out by the end of this year, not sure if it's doable but IT'D BE NICE

- Genesis Dream
- Summer Vacation
- Swords And Junk
- as of yet untitled acoustic EP

extreme ideal for this would be making enough money off summer vacation to get a nicer acoustic to record the EP with BUT "nice" to me is like CJ Martin and god they're pretty spency but fuck if they don't sound amazing.

So my husband leaves a post-it on my laptop every day with a message on it - today he left this one

good morning everybody, today my friend from finland informed me that the state media is telling people to become a furry and start making fursuits to deal with social isolation

@wolfpede "All developers have a testing ecosystem. Some are lucky enough to have a separate production system."

Anyone have any extra coelacanth they wouldn't mind giving up? I still haven't caught one and i really wanna put it in my museum, I'll add you and open my gates, just let me know


Me: "Oh cool, it's a Mushroom!"
Mushroom: "Let's Bailout Landlords!"
Me: "Yuck, it's a Shittake Mushroom."

bot post; probably true 

couldn't help but flesh out lil konsti's puppyBook G3 and his example of cute computing

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I WAS gonna do work today but then I discovered the k.k. slider covers and I commited to doing no work while the album ran its course

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